The Evolution of Russell Westbrook’s Style

by on March 20, 2013

All in all, this past year has been rather spectacular for Russell Westbrook. After almost winning the NBA Finals–well not almost but they made it farther than 30 other teams–to signing with the Jordan Brand, Russell Westbrook has seen an enormous amount of success and prosperity in the last 12 months or so.


While currently enjoying a superb season, Russell has gone on to express his fashion sense and style even more than last season. Although his style to many before has been deemed rather flamboyant, it hasn’t hindered Russ from trying new things, exploring vivid colors and not giving a DAMN about people’s opinions. I’ve actually enjoyed the majority of his outfits with the exception of a couple but everyone is giving a pass from time to time. His All-Star outfit in my opinion was somewhat underrated compared to the leather heavy outfits that Lebron and D-Wade decided to wear.

I support his style for a few reasons:-

  1. His love for button-ups is just as strong as mine.
  2. He’s daring in his choices.
  3. It suits his on-court game.
  4. His style has only developed more as he is growing into his own.
  5. He had one of the funniest post-game interview responses ever. ” Brah!?”