The Recent Surge Of Fashion Films

by on March 20, 2013

You and I both noticed as of late, the need for fashion brands/lines to release a visual or as they would say ” a fashion film” that pertains to a collection or product of theirs. It seems as if this is becoming a requirement for many people and it’s interesting to see something like this becoming a trend. It’s like the mixtape that precedes an artist’s album or let’s say the lob to a soaring dunker who is rather excited to throw down a thunderous dunk–ala Lebron on Jason Terry or DeAndre Jordan on Brandon Knight.


Oh yea, we know and I must say that was wrong of Wikipedia to fabricate but it was rather hilarious. Back to the issue at hand as fashion films and visuals are becoming one of the “it” intangibles of the fashion world that we live in. Am I mad at it ? No … because not only is it intriguing but it provides another vantage point for people who are already interested in a brand. It also provides more material for me to write about haha.

RUN movie poster

One visual that is creeping up on us is Spencer Lee‘s own. You guys heard about him in a prior article (here) and if you didn’t make sure to check it out. This young man has the potential to be special and this visual will be a representation of that talent that he and his friends possess. Their visual will be seen here on TheILSMag exclusively so stay tuned.

With everything that was said, what is your opinion on fashion films/visuals?

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