Chivalrous Apparel’s ‘Answer To Life’ Collection

by on March 23, 2013

Evolution is essential in everything, no matter what. It’s an indicator of maturity, wisdom and growth. Of perhaps even greater significance: Chivalrous Apparel has decided to step outside of their accessory box and step into an entirely new world. The world of apparel. It would only make sense though as ‘apparel’ is seen in their brand’s name. This is really not about the past though as our focus now is on the present–the ‘Answer To Life‘ Collection which features the ‘Very Rare‘ t-shirts.

Both t-shirts were made with the idea of simplicity behind them. Keying in on a popular trend at the moment–the use of jersey t-shirts– Chivalrous decides to put their very own rendition on sale for the public. Both pieces are seen in black and white, with each color taking a turn at being the sidekick. Also seen on the front of the t-shirts is the infamous logo of Chivalrous. None of my prior pessimism regarding trends, will affect what the guys over at CA are doing. Both pieces are available for purchase now and are set at $40USD each. Make sure to head over to the online store to check it out.