Spacious by Field Candy

by on March 24, 2013

This is certainly something that isn’t seen everyday. Despite being unorthodox or out of the blue, this particular creation is actually welcomed with open arms. It’s not everyday you see a tent that’s out of this world–seriously no pun intended–and happens to be created masterfully. However, Field Candy has produced a piece that can accommodate you during those astronomical nights.

Essentially made to give one the feeling of being in space and experiencing occurrences that are foreign to our planet called Earth, it can be used for many more purposes. I’d buy this as a gift for my kids, if I was a parent, so they could play in the backyard and enjoy themselves. It’s literally one of the greatest camping equipment I’ve ever seen and it has even urged me to look more into this category. Extremely limited is the tent so make it a mission to get yourself one of these. That’s if you’re a huge fan of the friendly outdoors or you just want to have one of these badboys in your storage. Head over to their online store now to check it out.

Images: Field Candy