The Weigh-In: Summer Suggestions For Women

by on March 24, 2013

After a very successful article (Summer Colors) which focused on the imminent dominance of the colors of black and white, I decided to follow it up with some pieces that are essential this summer. Every year, we all look to something new to spice up our look and closet, RIGHT? One beautiful thing about this is that you get to experiment. Try new colors(black and white, as I stated here), try new styles, new pieces, new brands . Now I know shopping for new things and expanding your horizons can be very difficult but that’s why I’m here–to give you a helping hand. So of course with me being the gentleman I am, we start off with the ladies.


Pure-White-Chiffon-A-line-Scoop-Neckline-Flowing-Mini-Skirt-Rhinestone-Trim-Prom-Dresses-SG0927First things first, ladies, just imagine your on a beach all summer with an endless selection of flowing dresses. Not just any dress though, one that embodies delicacy but screams grandeur. In addition to this, it’s imperative for you to know when to paint the town with lively colors and also know when to be the debby-downer who decides to wear gloomy but strong colors. Emotions do happen to play a major role in just what you pick out to wear. Another thing on the list is the use of sun hats. Although they may seem obnoxious to some, I enjoy them as much as the women you decide to crown themselves with these hats. It gives you that feeling of maybe you’re hiding from something or you’re just trying to provide a bit more mystery surrounding yourself. So now you’re probably thinking about accessories, am I right? Well let’s just say this, don’t over-flood your wrist and neck with too many bracelets or chains. I’d hate for you to be the female who’s making all the noise because your bracelets have decided to fight with each other. Last but not least, invest in some high-hell sandals. They’re simple, they add some much needed height for short girls, and I don’t think they hurt as much as other footwear–or do they?

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