The Weigh-In: Could 40oz NYC Be The Next Supreme For Hats

by on March 26, 2013

Right off the bat, let’s dive into this. Why exactly did I choose to write about this? Well it’s been for some while now that the hats made by 40oz NYC has garnered a tremendous amount of exposure and popularity. Especially in New York–what a coincident–one of these hats can be seen just about any and everywhere. With that being said, there aren’t many highly recognizable logos when it comes to hats. One of the most iconic logos happen to be Supreme‘s very own box logo.


Yea you know, that red background that is gifted with the word, Supreme, is seen all throughout the world. Highly respected, Supreme is one hell of a juggernaut when it comes to this and it doesn’t seem as if they will be giving up their crown soon. However, this is where 40oz NYC comes in. Now we all know of the exclusivity of the hats as they are all only available for a 12 hour period on the day that is released. So it’s essential that you decide upon the hat from the early stages because after the 12 hour period, you’ll have to deal with eBay or the very annoying resellers. Another standout of the hat, is the prominence of it thus far. Their hats have been seen on anyone from Kendrick Lamar to Swizz Beatz. In addition to this, the gang has even focused on expanding their reach by collaborating with many celebrities such as Theophilus London and Taz Arnold to name a few. With all these under their belt, it is very evident that their moves have been very calibrated. This is not only important for capitalizing on the fame of the brand now but also for succeeding in the pursuit of longevity.

In all, what I’ve been getting at is, could the 40oz NYC that is seen on the side of all hats become just as popular as the Supreme which is seen on the front of Supreme hats? I believe  they have a chance but only time will tell. I’ll let you know though, I see Supreme as being Floyd Mayweather when its comes to this and 40oz NYC being Adrien Broner. What’s your opinions on this? Am I tripping or do you feel the same way as I?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/younglegend13 AKil Joseph

    I don’t think they will be popular for that long. Supreme has longevity in the game and is more popular in the streets. I don’t think people will go hard for a 40 oz hat as for a supreme hat.

    • _illdianajones_

      Wrong. Supreme has longevity because they’ve been out for awhile, I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought they wouldn’t last either. 40 has street cred along with his hustle. He gets more customers from word of mouth, so his fans will always support and he’s gaining more supporters daily and they go VERY hard for him. 40 isn’t done yet and neither are his hats. I don’t even see people going hard for Supreme, lol. Except you.

  • TheForgotten

    I feel that 40 will be greater than Supreme, just bc of his street cred. Because after this Lil fashion trend ends and Supreme will go back to being underground, while 40 is still going to be in the streets and on the heads of the rich.

    In My Opinion