The Weigh-In: What’s Next For Fashion?

by on March 26, 2013

For the most part, fashion has been rather predictable. This is due to the presence of trends and the lack of creativity that has been seen in the game for some time now.Under those circumstances, we have seen the jersey style, leather aesthetics, around the neck and baroque/art inspired pieces but by the year’s end, two of these will not be as dominant as they are at the moment. So what exactly is next for t-shirt design?



I’ve had thoughts of there being designs or patterns that would be scattered on t-shirts in areas such as sleeves. Or how about a design that would begin at the bottom of a t-shirt and be finished on the back shoulders of it. However, I’m not a fashion designer, I just happen to pay very close attention to details and the designs of what has been relevant in fashion as of late. Of course, it doesn’t only depend on the placement of a design but also the graphic, execution and quality. By the way, to say that I’ve been truly impressed by fashion recently would be a lie but with this offering, I hope for a revolution to come our way. It doesn’t have to feature over-the-top designs and etc, as it can be filled with simplicity. But, it has to be innovative–a breath of fresh air–something to take away mind away from the has-been’s of the current culture.


Take for example, 3M Technology. Yes it has been used widely and frequently by Nike for essentially sports’ purposes, that is until it started gradually transitioning to more everyday life and fashion aspects. Why is it that designers haven’t attempted to use more reflectivity in their products? Is it too expensive? Hard to find? Not lucrative enough? I don’t know but it’s puzzling at the end of the day. Either way, there isn’t much originality being used anymore, sadly.


Lastly, what I’ve been trying to get at is that we need more risk-taskers, more individuals who are willing to showcase their true ability in this field. To tell the truth, fashion is very over-saturated at the moment and we are impatiently waiting on the next big thing. But even so, when this does happen, will this hold our attention enough. Will it inspire others to produce the same results? What exactly will it do for us? These questions are impossible for me to answer because surely I wasn’t given the power of seeing the future. For this reason, we can only hope for the best and wait.

Sidenote: This was geared mainly towards t-shirts and not the entire overview of fashion. Also I’ve loved what Marcelo Burlon has done with his line thus far.

I happen to be really feeling this video so I threw it in here for some extra fun.

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