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Product Review: The YOTS T-Shirt by Lumières

by on March 27, 2013

Recently I was given the honor of being one of the first to receive the YOTS tee by Lumières. It was a great opportunity as we have supported the brand a couple times already(here and here) and to show the gratitude, I decided to partake in a photoshoot to showcase the pieces. To add to the mix, I invited Sean Alequin, head designer and founder of Noir Et Blanc, who was given a very limited white YOTS t-shirt, months earlier than anyone else.

After wearing the piece, I must say that the quality is exceptional. The t-shirt tends to feel as if it’s gliding over your body which provides for much comfortability. In addition to this, the quality hasn’t diminished at all after washing it for the very first time. As a final point, the t-shirt lives up to the hype as great quality is combined with a very appealing graphic of a snake that is seen on the shirt. It is now available for pre-order now over at Lumières’ online store here.

  • john

    Dope ass shirt