Brand Spotlight: Gems NYC

by on March 31, 2013

If you’ve been scrolling through the world of Tumblr throughout the last few months then you’d know that there’s a new wave of streetwear brands that have been making a lot of noise. One of the more popular ones, Gems NYC, has seen images of their clothing be reblogged at an incredible rate.

img58856583As a result of this, the brand has gained new followers/supporters who happen to love their products. What’s even more impressive is that the founder and head designer is a former tattoo artist. Intriguing right? For this very reason, it’s even more of a glorious feat to have accomplished such things thus far. Indeed, it’s evident that he possess a multidimensional set of skills that give him the ability to dabble in different areas but it seems as if he has found his niche.

Brimming with confidence and creativity, we can’t help but hold Gems at a high standard from here on out. Because of this, there are high expectations for the next releases that will come from the brand. By the way, I absolutely love the products that are available to purchase at the moment. Specifically, depicting such powerful creatures in a natural form is a beautiful sight that can be appreciated by just about everyone. Anyway, we can look forward to what’s next from Gems NYC as it will be nothing short of greatness.


Interested in exploring the brand more and purchasing pieces that were seen in this article? Well head over to gemsnyc.bigcartel.com to get your hands on these pieces that are perfect for the summer this year. Enjoy folks!

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