The Weigh-In: The Significance of The Color Black

by on April 1, 2013

I remember vividly growing up what black meant. Black was essentially used to be worn for funerals, formal events and church. However, in our world of fashion today, black is seen as a glorious and uplifting color. Surely the encouragement of many celebrities and people in power has played a major role in its prominence today but that doesn’t stand as the only reason.


Of course, we all know the influence that Jay-Z has had with this very same color. It wasn’t that long ago that he declared all black everything and people just seemed to follow Hov‘s statement and darken up their wardrobe. So yes, Jay-Z has been one of the ambassadors of this movement that so many have embraced over the years but it only makes sense as he’s one of the most iconic people in the world.

Black has came a long way but I for one, truly love and appreciate just how beautiful the color is. The versatility, the boldness, the simplicity, all these attributes play defining roles as to why black is one of the greatest colors of all-time. It’s a game-changer, it’s a statement-maker and most importantly, it’s seen everywhere. It represents the plight, the journey, the hard-work, the hate, the love, it’s so much in this one color that makes it difficult for one to recognize and admire it. I look forward to black reigning supreme for as long as Man lives.

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