10.Deep x Underachievers Tee

by on April 3, 2013

Being a New York native, this genuinely soothes me inside. 10.Deep has showered The Underachievers with an immense amount of support and love since discovering the rapping duo so it’s a true blessing when they continue such a blossoming relationship with The Underachievers.



This collaboration is very well deserving especially after The Underachievers lent their services to model for 10.Deep‘s lookbook not too long ago. Moving on though as the t-shirt presents a very unorthodox but thought provoking design and pattern on the front while be gifted with the ‘Underachievers‘ on the back. The tee goes live on the online store at 12:01 a.m. which happens to be less than an hour from now. Get yours hand on a tee and rep the Beast Coast!

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