Garrett Leight ‘Ashland’ Collection

by on April 3, 2013

It seems like Garrett Leight manages to spoil us with a new collection of glasses every month. With April off to a great start, Garrett Leight releases their Ashland collection which features a very astounding combination of intricate, sophisticated and versatile pieces. The Ashland collection boasts three sunglasses and three eyeglasses perfect for switching it up during the summertime.

It’s synonymous to going into the locker room to switch your sneakers because you feel it necessary. Back to the topic though, as you can tell that brown was given the privilege of being the central theme behind the color aesthetic and for good reason. The entire collection was graced with highlights that will surely captivate consumers who are in the market for new eyewear. Head over to Eye Goodies now to get a pair.

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