Brand Spotlight: Lilette Jewelry

by on April 4, 2013

Anytime you’re doing something for the very first time, it’s almost imperative that you hit the nail right on its head. With that being said, Lilette Jewelry happens to be the very first jewelry line that I’m doing a brand spotlight on. Essential to just about every woman’s outfit is jewelry. Jewelry happens to be one of those intangibles that without it, a person can tend to feel naked when out in public. That may be a bit drastic but at the end of the day, women take this seriously and you can’t blame them.


Founded by Monique Brissett, Lilette Jewelry beautifully adopts the unorthodox design sensibilities of women accessories while combining it with a very modern-day outlook. Each piece serves as a presentation of the wearer’s unique individuality while  also being responsible for displaying that extra flair of personality.

DSC_0446The entire collection features a vast array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more, that are more than perfect for the appropriate occasion. Birthday gifts, anniversary presents, or just caring gestures, can all be found at Lilette Jewelry when searching for accessories. Clearly, Monique puts to use her vivid creativity and refreshing concepts to bring these pieces alive and that’s one very respectable trait. In conclusion, the line is everything we look for in this world of fashion today when it comes to accessories. It overflows with beauty, lifestyle, culture, and the cyclical essence of all great art. Make sure to pay their website a visit and get your hands on a piece or two. 2 Chainz would be proud of you. To keep updated, like them on Facebook here and Instagram.

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