Product Review: Gasmask Sweater by Rare-NY

by on April 4, 2013

What do you get when you put a gas-mask and apparel from Rare-NY together? Well for me, it was a very productive and efficient photoshoot to showcase their product. The crewneck sweater happens to be one of my favorite highlights from their last collection. I’ve expressed many times now, just how much I love their black and white aesthetic so it’s always a pleasure when I get to wear their pieces.

The sweater fits just about true to size and features a very soft cotton. In addition to this, you have the gas-mask graphic which is seen on the center and it is finished off with a very patriotic ‘New York‘ which is seen on the right sleeve. You can head over to their online website now to grab this piece and check out the other products that are available for sale now. [Click here] I must admit it was rather difficult to breathe in the gas mask, I can only imagine if I really had to use it in a threatening situation.

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