Brand Spotlight: K H Å N

by on April 5, 2013

While many brands today have taken a stab at the Baroque and Classical Art aesthetic, only few have been able to capture the natural essence of this highly decorated trend. Surely it’s easy for one to take part in a trend but its an actual task to EXCEL at it. Although not much of this is seen anymore, the masses still appreciate originality, innovation and versatility. Especially at a time when people gravitate more towards these designs than anything else, it’s essential that you deliver eye-catching and intriguing products. Not to mention but these products not only grab their attention but also have them yearning–or as they would say ‘fiending’–for more. 

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Today’s Brand Spotlight keys in on a brand that strives for just what was said above and that is excellence. With a combination of  luxurious simplicity and sophistication they have been able to develop a winning formula which has aided in the development of their brand thus far.

photo 2At this stage in fashion, it’s rare to see something that’s truly original–and an enormous reason for this is that everything comes from something–somehow, many brands still manage to create pieces that combine inspiration with vision. K H Å N happens to be one of the brands who are relentlessly searching for new ways to push the bar and excel in their field of fashion.photo 1

At the moment, all their pieces happen to be sold out but that won’t be for long as a new collection is being perfected and prepped as you read this. Head over to their online shop now to discover the brand and take a look at more of their past pieces.

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