Fashion Film: “Run” By Spencer Lee

by on April 6, 2013

After weeks of waiting, the visuals by Spencer Lee are finally here! Directed by Marjess Borado, music by Lee Rutledge, and clothing by Spencer Lee, this group of friends banded together to create a project entitled Run. The video stars Spencer Lee– who takes us on a journey through his life and mind. It is on this journey where he battles with the demons of everyday struggle, while trying to suppress and eliminate them.

Is it ironic that Spencer happens to be a track-star and the film is named, Run? I’ll leave that one up to you, but there are moments in the visual in which he shows off his Usain Bolt-esque skills. Make sure to enjoy the film as the plot takes a very surprising turn of events in the final stages. If you’re interested in the products that were worn in the video, make sure to head over to his online shop to grab yourself something nice.