The Weigh-In: Fashion To The Extreme

by on April 9, 2013

 Style is becoming an endangered species. The current state of fashion has been damaged by the excessive use of trends and “it” items. In theory, “more” seems desirable in any regard. Especially in fashion, this idea of “more” allows us to pick from a plethora of styles, allowing us to develop our sense of taste and fashioning ourselves exactly how we want.


A$AP Rocky

Somehow the masses have strayed from this standard and steered the ship in the opposite direction. Displays of bold and extravagant styles are nothing new, but it has taken an unfortunate turn for the worst throughout the years. This epidemic has raised one reoccurring question for me — ” Do these people look in the mirror before they leave the house?”

The fashion world at this moment is extremely over-saturated with leather, baroque-inspired pieces, jersey style t-shirts, and before you know it, the ship might start to sink. To prevent this, let’s stop with a few things:

1. Can we simmer down on the fascination with certain trends and patterns such as leather and all-over prints? It’s been established and abused for way too long now.

2. Go back to your roots. Get back to the basics and really draw inspiration from yourself.

3. Stop trying to be different and just be yourself. People get carried away with the words “unique” and “different” when they just need to focus on their individuality.


Ugo Mozie

You will always stand out when you’re being yourself. You probably possess a beautiful style and U.O.E.N.O it because you’re stuck chasing trends. True fashionistas, designers, stylists and brands pride themselves on authenticity and at times this may take away from what they have going for themselves. How do you define style? For me, less is more.

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