Interview: Getting To Know Jeff Robinson

by on April 12, 2013

I’ve always been an avid fan of art so it’s such a pleasure when I have a true artist such as Jeff Robinson reach out to me. Interested in his work, I decided to do a quick interview to get more intel on the young man. Jeff is an up and coming artist who is hellbent on improving his craft and expanding his reach. Click the jump to see what exactly we spoke about.

1. For the people who have no knowledge of you, give them a brief overview …

312460_469986956391034_679727560_nIm a self-taught artist from a small town in Ontario near Toronto where I grew up with a vivid imagination and natural ability to create art for family, friends and school projects. I fell away from art for a period of time to explore life and through these experiences and my re-aquaintance for my passion for art I am able to use life philosophy to integrate into my art. My art form is DNA art where I take DNA from a person plant or animal and creatively insert the DNA sequence into the theme of the artwork. I use my own DNA pattern for work surrounding my own life experiences, themes and philosophies. Plant and animal DNA themes are based on that specimens motif and commissioned DNA work is based on the clients philosophies and desired themes with my creative interpretation. In essence my art is a blend of modern science, philosophy, psychology and creative expression. – Jeff

2. What does art mean for you?

Art is a great way to bring expression and passion for many to enjoy. It also has given me great meaning and purpose to my life. It is also a excellent tool for creating a message and bringing awareness towards parts of our world that dont have advantages some of us have and need our help. I believe I have given a talent in the arts that should be shared and used for the better good of our world. – Jeff

3. Where does your inspiration stem from?

My inspiration stems from many forms, watching my Dad enjoy seeing me doing what I love, watching everyday life, seeing other creative works from old and new artists, music, film, fashion. seeing the beauty behind a world that has so many great things to offer that seem to be sadly misused and destroyed. I also draw inspiration from friends, family and celebrities doing great things to make this a better place for us all to be in. – Jeff


4. Was this your first love or do you have interests in other things as well?

Creativity and art was and always will be my first love. Since I was a child I was creating art. I am also athletic and enjoy extreme sports especially surfing, have been involved in music, enjoy fashion and design and have recently followed through on a vivid interest in film arts as an actor. – Jeff

5. What do you hope for in 2013? Any goals?

2013 will be a big year for me. I hope to grow my name as an artist, do as many exhibitions as possible, book more roles as an actor, launch my fashion line and take my company to the next level. I will likely be making a move from Toronto to Southern California this year. As my name grows into a broader audience this will allow me to do more charity work along with my painting, acting and designing. – Jeff

6. What’s next in the grand scheme of things?

Growing my name as an multitalented artist, getting more involved with my charity events,doing as many exhibitions as possible, booking roles as an actor and relaunching my company GeneUnique.com, which deals with the science and branding products, along with the launch of jeffreyrobinsonart.com for my fine art and art fashion shirt line Kahamakai. I will be more involved in the art scene in Laguna Beach where the non-profit im involved with “ECO-warrior foundation” is also based. A busy minded guy that truly enjoys the fulfilment of setting goals and achieving them. – Jeff

Make sure to head over to both GeneUnique.com and jeffreyrobinsonart.com