‘Love|Lost’ SS’ 13 by Lease On Life Society

by on April 14, 2013

With anticipation growing for Lease On Life Society‘s Spring/Summer Collection, this short visual comes as the pre-game for the main attraction. Sticking with its fundamentals and delving into new realms, L.O.L.S. drops off a creative project that not only shines the light on the new pieces but offers a very compelling story of fashion, love and inspiration.

Centered around love and fashion, it depicts a story of two stylish lovers who go through the ups and downs but come to peace with each other eventually. And of course, fashion was employed as a medium to harmonize the couple. The narrator goes on to talk about how fashion should be derived from the love that you have for it while being a product of your creativity. However, I’m not going to continue to speak on this because I want you to experience it yourself. Once done viewing the video, voice your opinions if you want in the comment section below. Although you may get wrapped up in the story, make sure to appreciate the visuals of the undeniably potent pieces that shall be releasing rather soon. Enjoy!

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Lease On Life Society.