The Weigh-In: The Art Of Lacing Your Sneakers

by on April 17, 2013

Any male knows just how important it is to tie your lace correctly. When I say “correctly”, I’m not speaking about the traditional way that you learned while growing up as a toddler. The street-wear guys know exactly what I’m talking about, but there are many ways of lacing your sneakers up nowadays. They don’t all work though as certain methods can only be combined with the right shoe. It’s almost synonymous to putting the right rims on a car. I digress though as this is just another essential part of a guy’s outfit when incorporating sneakers. Here are three different ways that you can lace your sneakers up. Click the jump. 

1. The “OG


Fundamentally sound but painfully boring at times. Your parents showed you exactly how to do this more than a 100 times till you perfected the craft. This method can and will always be the “go-to” but it’s been losing popularity.

2. The ” Look Ma No Hands


Photo Credit: SneakerNews

For all the lazy people out there who don’t want to deal with the hassle of re-lacing and etc, this method was created for us all. Though it may seem easy, this method takes a lot of precision and focus. One must know just how much to pull out each string to accomplish the perfect hanging of the tip in the last hole.

3. The ” Wild One


This method has no rules to it. The only thing that is asked of you is that you try to make the laces look as crazy as they can be. Wale has perfected this while many have failed at it. It doesn’t work well for a Yeezy or a pair of Jordan‘s.

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