The Affair Featuring Everard Best & Sean Alequin

by on April 18, 2013

Meet designers Everard Best and Sean Alequin! Since stumbling upon both designers, I’ve repeatedly praised their aesthetics and their brand in general so I thought it was imperative to bring them in this week. Hit the jump to read up on both designers!

Co-written by @tisramya.

All photos were shot and edited by Christopher Levy with the assistance of Jamiqve Mascoll


DSC_0030Everard Best is a full-time business student and owner/creator of Lease On Life Society. Though Lease On Life Society is not relatively new, Ev has worked diligently to build quite the cloud of anticipation for his upcoming release. Truthfully, 2013 has been more than a blessing for Ev and Lease On Life Society. Not only has he seen an incredible increase in popularity and demand for his brand, but he has truly found his very own position in fashion and amongst other brands. Repeatedly noting that it’s more than just a brand, Ev has prepped his new collection to portray the more substantial picture. His work ethic and vision has commanded my support and with time, Ev will show you all just how significant of a brand Lease On Life Society will be in the future. * His ‘Love|Lost’ SS ’13 Collection releases Sunday exclusively on TheILSMag.com Make sure to view his visual for his upcoming collection here.



Sean Alequin has been an understudy of the game for a while now and it won’t be long until he asserts himself in the scene. His brand, Noir Et Blanc, has made its way to individuals such as Ugo Mozie but that’s only a minute accomplishment for Sean. One astonishing fact is his age which he has used to his advantage. Yet it may seem as if Sean has been stagnant, such a misconception is not validated. Aiming for perfection, Sean is utilizing this hiatus to mold a collection of potency in every aspect. His maturation not only as a designer but as a young man will be on full display in his next collection so pay close attention. 

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