Talking Music, Progression and Goals with Qu’ality

by on April 19, 2013

Coming off a very strong visual recently, I caught up with NYC’s own, Qu’ality, to pick his brain on a few significant topics in his life. Qu‘ is easily one of the hardest-working people that I know so it was a pleasure getting this interview done. Click the jump to read up on the entire interview.

525095_10200818600129990_247374923_n1. Every time I seem to speak to you, you always relentlessly telling me about your moves and what you have planned. What fuels your drive?

The love of the music fuels my drive. My son and the rest of my family fuel my drive.. and haters fuel my drive TO THE MAX. – Qu’

2. In my opinion, you’re one song away from getting to the next level. Do you think ‘Grub’ will do just that for you?

Thanks, I hope that GRUB can do that for me! Haha, but I don’t like to just think “yo I’m only a song away” …I just like to keep on creating. I like to compete with my self and make hotter music than I made last year. – Qu’

424171_10200356529418511_473506296_n3. Your evolution and progress have been steady and amazing. What exactly is next? What should we expect from your new project?

Good looks, the next step is SILVER ep. Drops April 30th and we’re gonna push that as hard as we can. Nice 8 to 9 track project with solid dope songs, a couple videos have been shot recently. So we’re gonna dump those out when the time is right but for now, we will continue to GRUB. – Qu’

4. How would you describe the current state of Hip Hop ? What do you hope to bring to it?

I think Hip Hop is beginning to have more of a balance now. There’s a lot of dopeness coming out.. and there’s a lot of wackness coming out. I’m just hoping to bring something unique that EVERYONE can grasp. -Qu’

5. I noticed young Qu’ on your Instagram. Is it safe to say he will too have a fascination for music ? How much music is he around ?

He’s around it enough and seems to be pretty interested in music. He beats on his buckets with coloring pencils and plays with his toys as pianos but it’s still a little too soon to tell. – Qu’


6. 2013 has been good for you thus far but it’s time for things to be great. What do you hope to achieve this year?

My goal for 2013 is to get my squad in position where all of my boys can QUIT they’re jobs and get this $$$ off of what we love to do. – Qu’

Make sure to check out Qu’s Sound Cloud to hear all of his music. Click here.