Getting Intimate With Julia Lang

by on April 20, 2013

Last time you saw Julia, she was seen in The Affair. This time we decided to take a rather personal interview with Julia, revealing more about herself and what she does. With this in mind, she wanted the images to capture the mood as well. This resulted in the photo of her seen above and the second image seen below. This is probably the first time that you’ll be seeing her in such an element. Hit the jump to check it out!

168_zps44ef0b5e1. Would you say that you have made enemies in the fashion world? Do people envy you and despise your success thus far?

No, enemies would be the wrong expression. It’s rather the other case. I made a lot of new friends and found inspiring
people surrounding me because of my work. But the fashion industry is really tough. It’s a long long way until you make it
and that way can be demanding. There are a lot of competitors out there and you always have to give 100% and more.
The other thing is that I am working almost 7 days a week and I am traveling a lot which separates me from my family
and closest friends. Unfortunately some really important friendships got lost in that process. And this is actually the
hardest part about it.
I am blessed to get such a huge amount of love and support from people, my friends and my family towards my work.
I am glad to say that it’s more positivity which is coming my way since I started my blog rather than negative things.
But every now and then I hear bad stuff, rumors or ignorance is crossing my path.
It was hurting me a lot when I was younger but nowadays I am taking it as a challenge to become even better.
Every negative situation or comment is pushing me for the better. – Julia

2. What has that taught you thus far? How have you took that experience to better equip yourself in such a cruel fashion world?

It has taught me to appreciate the time with my family and closest friends even more. There is nothing better in life
than being surrounded by the ones that you love. Time is luxury for me.

Hehe… I wouldn’t have thought of calling it “cruel fashion world”. I just became a lot more confident, self reflecting
and able to take criticism over the years. I love to hear people’s opinion about my work because like I said before,
it’s helping me a lot to grow and to become a better me, personal and work wise. – Julia


3. Do you think being that you’re an attractive and stylish female that you appear to be more appealing to people? Do people sometimes have the wrong impressions when working with you?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. There are people who are calling me extremely beautiful and others don’teven look at me in a certain way. I am not dressing the way I do to appear more appealing, it’s just the way I am.

No, I never had bad experiences with people or companies I’ve work and collaborated with. I am always listening to my
instinct. I would never work with someone I don’t feel confident with. And whenever I felt that a man was taking advantage
I simply made up that I have a boyfriend and that he is picking me up… It usually works! – Julia

4. Surely people envy your life to a certain extent but little is known about the ups and downs that you battle in life. What would you say has affected you significantly? Also what/who has been at your side to give you that additional support when needed?

I am a very positive person although it’s very hard at times. I always try to see the best in a person to a certain point and even when that point is reached I am still searching for the good. My life is by far not perfect. I am an extremely sensitive and deep person. I wouldn’t go that deep to tell any specific details, it’s simply way too private but I can tell you that I really had some serious ups and downs in my life. From breaking up with the person that I thought was the love of my life in order to follow my dreams and to move to New York. Finding myself in London some months later which was one of the worst years in my entire life. Until settling down in Berlin, where I am working on what I love the most and be surrounded by people who love me, appreciate me and support me. True blessing.


I think there are two major “battles” in my life which are challenging me every single day. The first one is MONEY. I am the worst person ever when it comes to save up. My motto is “You Only Live Once”. I would rather go for a $2500 Reed Krakoff bag than having any savings. Back in the days it wasn’t unusual for me to spend all my entire money on high end fashion rather than on food which means I was eating the same crap for a month only to have the pieces I was obsessed with. My habits regarding that changed for the better and I think it’s the right thing.

The second one is L.O.V.E. I was in a relationship in the age of 13 until almost 18. Five years are a lot when you are that young. I got used to the feeling of having a man, soul mate and best friend by my side. I found it really hard to be single afterwards. My second relationship was the most formative one thus far. Although I decided to break up and to follow my heart and my dreams, I am still missing that times a lot. I am single since almost a year now and let’s be honest, it’s killing me softly. Love is giving me wings. It’s giving me so much energy and positivity. I am by far not alone, I have caring friends who love me the way I am, the best family anyone could ask for and so much great things which are surrounding me but I really miss THAT ONE PERSON by my side…!

And yes, my biggest supporters are my mom Rita, my dad Herbert, my little brother Simon and my closest friends. Some of them have been by my side since a very long time others just arrived in my life but either way, friends are the essence of life. I am getting so much drive and motivation throughout their love.

The greatest souls are awakened out of suffering. The most impressive personalities endures many scars. – Julia

5. In my eyes, you’re a very genuine person. What do you hope to achieve not only fashion wise, but also as a human? Do you think people tend to take advantage of you at times? Do you think people appreciate you at the end of the day? 

Means a lot out of your mouth. Thank you very much!

Since I am already doing what I love, which is working with fashion there is nothing I could really ask for anymore. I am trying to improve my work every day. I am a very ambitious person which is pushing me to become more and more successful. As a human being… I want to teach people to be positive and honest. I want to show that taking risks and believing in your dreams is the way to be. If I am able to transport inspiration and positivity throughout my work, I am more than happy. Personally, I want to be found by the love of my life and get 2 -3 babies. I love children so much and there is nothing which is making me happier than to have my own little family. Things will come at its time but I am so looking forward to it.

Yes, most definitely. As strong and independent I might seem. I am giving a lot to other people which is unfortunate when people are taking it for granted. It’s happening a lot to me in friendships, work situations and especially with men.

I am carrying my heart on my tongue which means trouble…! I can’t keep my feelings to myself and I am the baddest when it comes to “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” – Julia

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