Blogger Talk With Girl Geniuss

by on April 23, 2013

Throughout my tenure as a “blogger” thus far, I have only encountered a handful of bloggers who are talented at what they do. It was only a few days ago that i discovered Girl Geniuss and immediately I admired her work. From her layout to her content, everything was appealing and unique in its very own way. I figured that it would be an incredible opportunity to reach out to her and low and behold, she enthusiastically welcomed my offer. The interview below is just the beginning of a very fruitful relationship between two bloggers in this blogosphere. More collaborations will occur in the future but for now we hope that you guys enjoy this interview.


1. The name, Girl Genius, had really caught my eye when I first stumbled upon you. Geniuses are described as people with enormous capacities for excelling at different things. In what aspects does it describe you?

“When I was in high school, my mom had bought me my very first computer (packed with AOL and dial-up internet) and I started teaching myself html for 10 hours a day by just googling codes. Pretty soon I realized I was the one everyone was coming to when they needed to jailbreak their iPhone or confirm the latest apple rumor. I then started expanding my graphic design skills by just using trials of Paintshop Pro and eventually girlgeniuss was born.” – Girl Geniuss

032. You have a very unique way of blogging or should I say that you have truly found your niche. How long did it take for you to grasp that? What were the things you had in mind initially when you were building your website?

“Thank you! Well I’ve known for years that I wanted to make SOMETHING out of the girlgeniuss brand, but I just didn’t have the drive. Until 4 days into the new year this year, I woke up and immediately knew that I wanted to create this identity. It took me a few days to create the design from the ground up but the loss of sleep was well worth it. Things got to the point where I could no longer focus at work because all I could think about was building my site, so I ended up quitting and putting all of my energy into my blog.” – Girl Geniuss

3. I’ve noticed that you don’t just shine the spotlight on you but you tend to cast it on many other things as well. What is the general purpose and vision of your website?

“You know, I made my site a .me and not a .com because it’s all so personal! Even if a particular post isn’t focused on myself, it’s definitely something that I like or recommend to others. I love introducing unsigned artists, meeting upcoming designers, showing the latest in tech, and overall fashion. From Star Wars to sneakers, my interests are everywhere so nothing is off limits. I put so much work into the smallest details because I just want to show my readers the best of the best from my point of view.” – Girl Geniuss


4. With that being said, where do you see yourself in five years and what would be your final goal for yourself and this project? There has to be other things that you want to explore …

“I have big dreams for the next five years but one of my ultimate goals is to create a huge girlgeniuss nail polish collection. In a perfect world, I would have a beach front condo in Miami with a successful brand that I turned into a company. My dream is to have consistent readers and supporters that allow me to focus on more exciting and quality content. For now, I’ve joined forces with a few talented friends and after some brainstorming we started calling ourselves TheCoolKids. We’re all so passionate in what we do and we’re becoming unstoppable at this point. The blogger, the rapper, the singer, the designer, we’re doing it all and really they’re my inspiration.” – Girl Geniuss


5. I must say that I haven’t stumbled upon many people that have such a beautiful website as yours so it’s only right that I take the time out to appreciate it. You seem to be doing a very incredible job and I only encourage you to keep it going! The future is bright for you!

It feels amazing to have my hard work noticed and appreciated so thank you! Keep an eye out for me, I’m just getting started. :) – Girl Genius

Make sure to head over to her website now. (girlgeniuss.me) I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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