Who Is Christina Walthall?

by on April 23, 2013

New York is exploding with talent and these last few months have opened my eyes to many promising designers, brands, stylists and etc. One very intriguing young lady happens to be Christina Walthall. Although it’s been a long time coming, things happen to fall into place at the right time and Christina can agree with this. Without further ado, we present to you Christina Walthall. Enjoy!


1. “Christina Walthall is a 20 year old New York City based fashion designer for her clothing label C. Walthall. Her label embodies a timeless and current womenswear style with the look of grunge, and strong/ bold silhouettes, but with a feminine twist. Her clothing epitomizes opulence with a selection of unique and durable fibers. With her interest in empowering silhouettes, such as strong shoulder padding in tops and blazers, she is working towards the beginning of building a menswear line.” – Christina

2. “What inspires Christina is vintage fashion, mostly from the 1980’s, as well as clothing from some of the Paris and London Fashion Week runways. Christina also grabs much of her inspiration from nature and music. However, she can find much of her inspiration in the most smallest and basic figures.” – Christina

3. “Christina has been sewing since the age of 10, first sewing clothing for her beloved Bratz dolls. Christina then began making clothes and accessories for friends and herself at the age of 14. From there on, she participated in fashion shows and began making clothing for clients.” – Christina

4. “Her main focus at the moment is to focus predominantly on clients who have a certain garment in mind that they would like to see come to life. The technique of making a design based off an image and making it appear in real life with C. Walthall’s twist is gratifying and fun to see in process. The funds that are gathered from clients’ orders will then be used to produce the very first marketable collection that will be sold in select boutiques and online in multiple size runs.” – Christina

5. “Some of Christina’s upcoming projects include making a fresh and marketable line of clothing to sell online and to local boutiques. She also has interest in making more formal clothing such as prom and wedding dresses. Her goals doesn’t stop there, she aspires to continue being booked for fashion shows as well as growing relationships with clientele and stylists. With the hopes of one day becoming a familiar household name in the fashion industry, her upcoming projects and goals will always be a never ending duty and a daily priority.” – Christina


Photography by Ishmail Thoth Ra

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