Brand Spotlight: TROUBLES Clothing Co.

by on April 25, 2013

Looking to erase their troubles, TROUBLES Clothing Co. releases their new collection filled with some of the most prominent trends at the moment. Their love for leather, the number 99, and bandanas are on full display in their versatile collection of pieces. Albeit being entrenched in some very popular aesthetics, TROUBLES manages to put their very own flair to such products.


Incredibly, just about anything can be found in the current selection as they have everything from t-shirts to accessories such a wallets and gold rings. Another unsung hero of the brand is the affordability and reasonable prices of the products which makes it even more appealing.

redskincoinpouch_copyForged by five friends, TROUBLES was created to be another medium for them to overcome their struggles and adversities. Throughout recent history, it’s been made clear that victory tastes better especially when you’re triumphant with your friends so it’s a beautiful thing to see the folks over at TROUBLES embarking on this journey together.


Their general focus is centered around building a genuine relationship with their consumers while delivering premium services and products to them. With that said, make sure to head over to their online store to explore the entire line.

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