Testing The Waters With Evelina Bonardi

by on April 28, 2013

A mystery to some, Evelina Bonardi is an up and coming fashion designer. For some time now, I’ve paid attention to her Instagram and noticed photos of her very own designs. This then prompted me to inquire about her brand. Although it was clear she was working on something, I needed more insight. In the interview below, Evelina opens up about her brand, her Instagram, and her aspirations. Enjoy!


1. The majority of people who have seen you on Instagram have viewed you as an Amber Rose lookalike and a very fashionable young lady but who is Evelina?

“Haha, I actually never even thought that it would be such a big association to Amber Rose when I cut my hair off. People seem to forget about other famous bald women like Sinead O’Conner, Megan Fox or Natalie Portman. Even though I would say that Amber wears it best.

Myself as a woman with a very big passion for clothes and art, hopes that one day I will be able to sit next to Hurbert de Givenchy and pick out fabrics to amazing dresses haha.” – Evelina

image-12. Many people don’t actually know although they have seen some of your recent photos that you’re a designer. Can you shed some light on that?

“That’s actually a really good question. The whole reason why I started to use Instagram from the beginning was to show people my designs, and to promote the fashion show I had in Stockholm last summer. Then after that, it went more over to ‘outfit’ pictures. But now I’m trying to find my way back and put the focus on my own designs again.” – Evelina

3. What are you bringing to the table with your brand? Certainly the name was derived from your last name so will it be a total representation of who you are?

“Everything I do is just based on whats pops up in my head that moment, I don’t follow trends or try to make stuff that I think people would like. My biggest dream is to one day be a successful ready-to-wear designer with a edgy twist. Make people stand out and express themselves in the way that they dress.
Yeah my brand is named after my last name, Bonardi, just because it feels right from the beggining. I think it’s hard for people to understand how much thought and feelings are actually behind alot of the things I do, but I would not say that my collections are a total representation of who i am.” – Evelina


image4. How are you going to go about bringing more exposure to your line? What are your goals for 2013?

“I just stated to work on a new project, my second fashion show that will take place at the beggining of 2014. It’s gonna be a colorful and happy collection where all collected money will go to charity for children. So my 2013 will be to focus and work on that.” – Evelina

5. Would you like to see any celebrities in your pieces? If you could design for, who would it be and why?

“Definitely Blake Lively. She definitely has a unique style and knows how to co combine and put different pieces together while adding her very own twist. No one would be more proud than me if she was able to walk around and grace her body with my products.” – Evelina

Make sure to check out her Instagram which is where you will be able to see all updates on her brand.(here)

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