Interview: Dominique Davenport’s Love For Art

by on May 2, 2013

Art is a form of expression that can not be compared to anything else. For some time now, I’ve developed a love for art such as paintings, illustrations and more. Furthermore, stumbling upon artists is always a delightful surprise for me when perusing the Internet. Just recently I discovered New York‘s very own, Dominique Davenport. Dominique is an aspiring artist & full-time student who utilizes her special talents to create masterpieces Click the jump to read the full interview. 

dom art 3

1) Right off the bat, give us an idea of how powerful art is in your eyes? What emotions does it evoke? What about it is so beautiful? Do you feel as if there is anything else in that gives you the feeling that art provides?

” Art in general is powerful. You’re able to make a statement without verbally saying anything. It can make you feel just about anything and to each and every person that same piece if wok will mean something else. With art, a picture actually speaks an infinite amount of words. I don’t think anything gives the same feeling art provides. Art is so hypnotizing where you can look at the same piece over an over and still enjoy it each time. ” – Dominique

dom art 42) What are your favorite pieces thus far? and why?

” (that is, if you’re talking about other artist work) I love various pieces from these 4 artist; Marilyn Minter, Gabriel Moreno, Tomer Hanuku, and David Downton. Their works are completely different from each other but I completely love all of them. Marilyn Minter does these hyper realistic paintings that are huge of lips, mouths eyes etc that make you feel a tad bit uneasy yet you can’t stop looking at them. Gabriel Moreno has a fashion illustration style mixed with realism and somewhat surrealism. I feel like his work is a combination of all the things I love about all four artist. Tomer Hanuku’s work uses nice color palettes and the drawings itself use awesome angles. Lastly, David Downton is a phenomenal fashion illustrator. He shows that less is more. His watercolors are effortless and he’s a genius. ” – Dominique

3) How would you describe your art? Do you like to stick to one aesthetic or are you multi-dimensional? Also how important is evolution to you, in regards to your art?

” As of right now I don’t have a particular style. I use different mediums and each medium will provoke me to use it in a different way. It makes me versatile. I can literally become a chameleon for each project. I can create realistic oil paintings, fun drawings, or just whatever a person is interested in getting from me for their particular project. Evolution is completely important to me. You can’t be stuck doing the same thing and hoping people aren’t going to notice. ” – Dominique

dom art 14) How often do you challenge yourself when it comes to pieces? What is your thought process when creating a piece? Is there a routine that you have?


” I’m always looking to create something different from the last piece. I just scan for images I like and start to compose an idea from it. I don’t have any kind or routine I just go for what ever it is that I’m feeling, then I work. ” – Dominique

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5) With you being in school for illustration? What are your final goals for yourself? What exactly would you like to be doing? And where do you see yourself and your expertise five years from now?

” Being that I do go to school for illustration, ultimately I want to create freelance work for people in particular as well as fine art work to be hung in galleries. There are so many successful artist out there and I want to be one of them. Five years from now I hope to be established as someone whose work is pretty known. I want to be that artist whose work constantly appears in well known art magazines like Juxtapose. ” – Dominique

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Make sure to check out her instagram @dominique_art if you’re interested in her work.