Interview: Cracking The Code With Clayborne Bujorian

by on May 3, 2013

Continuing with our interview installments, Clay and I drop off the sequel to the first CTC(seen here). This time around, questions pertaining to Twitter, Instagram and once again his identity are asked and received with answers. I take pleasure in being able to truely dive into the incredibly unique mind of Clayborne Bujorian. Click the jump to see the full interview!

image1. By now you’ve taken twitter by storm with your tweets. How could I say this … they’re rather unorthodox but pleasantly refreshing and appealing. What’s your thought process behind a tweet?

” I post tweets carelessly. I’ll tweet this because I saw someone do that or I’ll tweet that because I saw someone do this. It’s confusing for those who fail to pay attention. I sure know I wouldn’t follow me if I could. ” – Clay

2. You have single-handley(is that safe to say?) brought something new to Instagram. The screenshots of screenshots, the multiple choice questions, Where’s Waldo and more? Surely it’s entertainment but what’s the reasoning for it?

” It’s free entertainment. That’s what it is. Nowadays, phones act as a “best-friend” to the general population. By publishing spur-of-the-moment Instagram photographs consisting of words, sentences, questions, and other nonsense, I gain self-satisfaction. Not only do I gain self-satisfaction, I also gain the feeling of “acting as a best-friend” to strangers. Lucky for those entertained, I will continue to showcase spur-of-the-moment thoughts, feelings, and opinions until the day I move onto something “cooler.” ” – Clay

image_13. Your mind seems to be always evolving and for the people who don’t generally pay close attention to you, they may get lost. Do you feel this way? Do you feel that your followers on social media networks truly understand you yet?

” Everyone changes and feels differently about particular ingredients such as: ideas, concepts, motives, wants, and needs. I seem to do this often. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes I find myself caught in a web.

There’s no way in Hell any of The Internet’s Strangers fully understand why I do what I do or why I say what I say. They admire from afar, but that’s probably a short-term feeling.” – Clay

4. Rumor has it that there are a couple images of you, floating around the US outside of your family’s house. What are these images worth? What would happen if your identity was revealed? Would it be beneficial or detrimental?

” Photographs of a very young, ambitious, and handsome Clayborne Bujorian continue to collect dust inside school yearbooks. I can’t do anything about this issue, unfortunately. That’s that. If my calculations are correct, each school yearbook would cost the intrigued customer five bills.

I can’t hide forever. I’m on the Internet, in places unknown by The Internet’s Strangers. After hours of searching through Google’s archives, an embarrassing photograph of me will appear. Once it’s found, print it on a t-shirt, or something “cool” like that.” – Clay

5. What’s one intriguing fact you can let the people know about yourself that they may not know already?

” I can’t swim. Well, I can’t swim in the deep-end of pools or lakes. As a child, I built sand castles while kids of all ages jumped from docks and diving boards. I will never fully understand who was having more fun.

I apologize. That was not an intriguing fact. That was a fact known by some. Either way, I’m liked for this and disliked for that. That’s life. At the end of the day, I want to please people. Pleasing people is “cool” because there’s an infinite number of ways to brighten someone’s day.” – Clay

And there you have it, make sure to catch back for the third installment of CTC With Clayborne Bujorian.