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Odd Future ‘ Golf Random Items ‘ 2013

by on May 12, 2013

The boys are back in town. With so much going on in LA as of late, Odd Future decides to get their feet wet as well. OF releases their Golf “Random Items” Collection for the warmer conditions. Boasting a collection of signature designs and logos, OF drops off another solid collection for their young admirers.


tumblr_inline_mmlgd9i0OV1qd7dymAs rooted as OF is, in the streetwear/skate culture, they still manage to add their unorthodox feel–which continues to defy most of society’s standards–to the pieces that they create. Going outside the box and enjoying their youth are two of their most essential principles when it comes to everything they do. Click here to shop.


  • Gooch

    Best Shid evah