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L3NF Does It For Lil Saint

by on May 18, 2013

Not too many people younger than 21 can generate an incredible campaign buzz like Glyn Brown. Prime example is his latest creation; a t-shirt which features the image of Lil Saint of You Got Served.

Although it doesn’t feature an extravagant look to it, the message behind the t-shirt is one of a kind. #ThisOneForLilSaint isn’t just for him but it’s for the people you carry, the people who believe in you, the people you strive to make proud and even more. So I urge you to head over to L3NF’s online store to pick up a t-shirt now. Do it for Lil Saint.


  • J.

    Lmfao I wonder if the actor who played Lil’ Saint will purchase a tee, or if he just gets one for free off of Principle.