Stüssy Spices Things Up With Their Summer 2013 Collection

by on May 18, 2013

After letting go of the 8 Ball Collection, Stüssy goes ahead and releases their lineup for Summer 2013. Not too much of one thing but just enough of everything is seen throughout the 8-piece–no coincidence to their last release–collection.


To begin with, the t-shirts feature signature logos that are complimented by a couple of beautiful designs/patterns. While on the other hand, the hat collection features two ball-caps that feature very electrifying colors and also this summer’s favorite hat; a Camo bucket hat. To finish it up, Stüssy releases three button-up shirts that are military, wildlife, and story-time inspired. All in all, the short collection packs a few punches and will be loved by the faithfuls. Shop here.