Maria Sharapova Debuts Customized Nike Look

by on May 21, 2013

Why not give Maria Sharapova the special treatment for the upcoming 2013 French Open where she will be looking to dominate on the court. Nike has always been known to treat their athletes generously so this is nothing new coming from the Swoosh camp. The customized on-court Nike look consists of the Nike Premier Maria Dress and her very own Nike iD Zoom Vapor 9 Tour.


Maria-Sharapova-Nike-Free-3-Hybrid_originalSeen in colors that capture her style and personal reference, the pieces look perfect for one of Tennis‘ greatest. When she’s not competing in a game, Maria will be seen in two other personalized Nike’s as well, the Nike Air Max 1 and the Free Hybrid 3.o. To cement the collection, her personal iD, MS 87, is embedded in all of her pieces.