The Crossroads Between Streetwear and The Next Level: En Noir

by on May 22, 2013

By becoming a fan favorite the brand En Noir has been able to catch the attention of those in the fashion community from ballers and rappers alike from Kanye to Lebron. Yet their impact does not stop there. Jay-Z’s youtube channel, My Life+Times, allows us to get a more intimate view of the men behind the brand. View the video below.

En Noir has been able to do what a lot of brands are still trying to achieve–global attention. Being relatively new to the game the trio, Curt@!n$, Rob Garcia, and Jason Walter, have been able to make it to Barneys and sell leather duds that can be worn in all seasons. I will say that they have become one of the leaders in making the leather aesthetic a comeback trend–something I’m sure we will see more of this summer. All in all, En Noir has left a powerful impression with their ability to seamlessly and tastefully merge the worlds of streetwear and high-fashion. Their designs definitely has left the big dogs taking notes. Hear their story.

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