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The Transformation of Rihanna from Unfaithful to Unapologetic

by on May 22, 2013

World-renowned pop star Rihanna has matured vastly from her “Unfaithful” days, not only musically, but also with her vibrant style and sense of fashion.

When her first single was released in 2005, Rihanna debuted herself with a comfortable look, and an innocent demeanor. She was creating the foundation for her style with boyfriend-style, comfy-casual attire. When her third album, “Good Girl Gone Bad”, was released, she reinvented herself to become the Rihanna we are familiar with today. It was rihanna_1evident that she was taking her public image more seriously when she began wearing low cut, risqué, but yet classic gowns to her first few red carpet events.

As her popularity grew, we became more familiar with her face at major awards shows, eventually the Grammy’s in 2007. It was clear that she was growing into her fame, and her increased level of confidence was made apparent through her style choices. With each flamboyant outfit she wore, Rihanna’s “bad girl” image gained more notoriety. Rihanna then embarked on a yet another colorful chapter in her life in 2007, when she released the “Cinderella (Umbrella) Remix” featuring Chris Brown and Jay-Z. Thus began her tumultuous relationship with Chris Brown.  Throughout the several courses of their relationship, Chris Brown’s “bad boy” reputation was clearly rubbing off on Rihanna, and she increasingly made more masculine choices with her style. In met-rihanna-in-dolce-and-gabbana2009, Rihanna made one of her most prominent appearances while wearing a custom Dolce and Gabanna tuxedo to the Metropolitan Museum’s Annual Gala.

The shoulders were emphasized with a voluptuous poof, the tailored capri pant complimented her petite figure, and although her accessories (bowtie, gloves, and heels) were an unorthodox combination, they came together with the rest of her outfit to blend her masculinity and femininity flawlessly. Away from the red carpet, Rihanna was building her image through the inevitable paparazzi spottings, which continued to show her bipolar sense of style. Her musical prominence, more relevant than ever, promoted her Rihanna+At+A+Recording+Studio+jGV1gu35GxAlcareless attitude towards criticisms of her image and lifestyle. Rihanna began to express her active libido with songs such as “Rude Boy” in 2009 and “Only Girl” in 2010.

This masculine expressiveness not only was demonstrated through her musical content, but it was also conveyed through her more fashion choices, those of which included camo pants with the ever-so-classic Jordans, or her more chic look of boyfriend jeans paired with Jimmy Choo’s. Rihanna then released “Unapologetic”, her most recent album, which has been the pinnacle of her no-fucks-given attitude up to this point. The “unapologetic” Rihanna has been represented by her choice to go braless on multiple occasions, including at the 2013 Grammy’s with her gallant red dress and many paparazzi sightings of her with sheer attire on with nothing under it. Her most recent style choices can be described as a combination of haute couture and street wear, best highlighted by her custom Givenchy cape created by Riccardo Tisci himself. Today, Rihanna has grown to be an icon in the music and fashion industries, and she continues to impress us with her fashionable trend setting that is merely one aspect of her cultural domination of our generation.

Co-Written by Tyler Kennedy


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