Loubi World – 2013 Christian Louboutin Collection

by on May 23, 2013

Christian Louboutin has been known for his ever-so-classic red bottomed shoes that countless celebrities and pop culture personalities have been strutting for the past few years. It has become every fashionista’s dream to own a pair of his shoes, simply for the prominence and class that people associate when the red sole is spotted on the street. In the Loubi World 13 Collection, Louboutin‘s artistic direction follows a path of which incorporates a vast range of textures including a wooden cork cork, 3-dimensional dots, and metallic finishes.


Each of these clutches and crossbody bags has its own unique twist, some with matching patterns as seen with the Sweet Charity, Loubiposh Patent, and Pigalle Spikes Clutch as they all incorporate the same pale pink color with a low-shine finish and the very feminine camouflaged studs. While the bags don’t scream Louboutin at first glance to the less-knowlegable fashionista, the inside of each bag is a beautiful vibrant red lining, serving as the mere signature of Christian Louboutin‘s work.


These bags in Christian Louboutin‘s spring-summer 2013 collection are a beautiful demonstration of color and pattern trends that are hot this year. Incorporating several new styles and providing a vast range of color options, every girl is bound to find a bag perfect for their own personal style and taste.

Photos: Christian Louboutin