Nike Preps Lacrosse Teams With New Innovative Uniforms

by on May 24, 2013

Although the attention of many avid sports’ fans are currently being held hostage by the NBA Playoffs at the moment, this weekend will see the commencement of the NCAA Lacrosse’s Final Four. Though for many this means possible glory and a high level of competition, for Nike it means new uniforms and etc.



By now we know that Nike takes tremendous pride in having their athletes look stupendous on sports’ biggest stages. This time around, they gear up Syracuse, UNC, Cornell, and Duke in some performance-enhancing gear, just in time for them to take the field. Featured in the collection is Nike Men’s and Women’s Vapor Lacrosse Uniforms, Nike Men’s Huarache IV Lacrosse Cleat, Nike Women’s Speedlax IV Lacrosse Cleat, and Vapor Game Socks. Check out the details here. Although I don’t encourage you to miss one minute of the NBA Playoffs, make sure you get to see these uniforms and athletes in action as well!

Photos: Nike