Stussy Women’s 2013 Collection

by on May 24, 2013

Whoever said women couldn’t be hypebeasts? Stussy is no new name to fashionistas and hypebeasts alike–the streetwear brand has prospered greatly since its establishment in the 1980s. Within the last half-decade Stussy has grown from being a smaller label selling men’s street and skate wear to expanding to include a vast women’s line as well. In recent years we’ve seen city chicks go from strutting their boyfriends’ Stussy shirts to buying their own pieces, something increasingly encouraged through the company’s expansion to the female market.


The 2013 Collection is yet again, another impressive output of theirs, although some may argue it’s a bit more mainstream than what attracts their committed customers, the skater community of which Stussy was founded upon. The majority of the series are graphic t-shirts, never failing to incorporate the brand’s name, but definitely adding a spin to it including the classic Chanel look in their “SS Stussy Tee“, “Striped Split Tank“, and “Cheetah Stussy No. 4 Wideneck“. The baseball 3/4 sleeve look is also back in, as the 13 Collection demonstrates with the “World Tour Raglan” of which comes in four different colors. The reoccurring preppy style is also one that is back in for the spring and summer seasons of this year, evident throughout this collection. One of my personal favorite pieces specific to this style is the “Striped Letterman Cardi” that is a three-color bright cardigan that has stripes down the arms creating a bold statement, with chest graphics, staying true to their brand’s roots.

While the collection isn’t huge, there is indefinitely an article for every girl, a great asset for a male-dominant street wear company. The swimwear addition is also an awesome feature – the pieces continue to follow their popular combination of trending patterns (i.e. tie-dye, Chanel presentation, simplicity) with the original incorporation of their brand name on each article produced. My personal faves include the Gucci-inspired one-piece as well as the black and white striped cheetah-text one-piece – each including a curvy cut and abstract graphic.


Make sure to browse the Stussy Women’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection next time you’re online shopping.

Photos: Stussy.com