Artist Jovan Sanchez – V4Vondetta

by on May 26, 2013

Jovan Sanchez‘s artwork is nothing less than abstract – the computerized masterpieces resemble somewhat of Basquiat, renowned artist whose work is becoming overwhelmingly popular recently (check out Supreme x Basquiat for the latest incorporation of his work).

Some may argue that v4vondetta, Sanchez’s online gallery, showcases works that merely look like a four-year-old’s doodle of his Grandpa Herbert, but with an appreciative and cultured eye, there is undoubtedly humongous underlying talent behind his precise and intricate details. The adapted style follows a line-based formula, perhaps the aspect that draws people in to look deeper and more extensively into his work. With the perfected face shapes, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jovan himself was taught through a prestigious art university. Familiarize yourself with his work at his website, because I can guarantee we’ll be seeing more of him in the near future.


Photos: v4vondetta