Ralph Lauren’s New Line “Denim & Supply”

by on May 28, 2013

With due respect to this past weekend’s holiday, it is only appropriate to share my excitement about all-American designer, Ralph Lauren‘s new line of which goes by the name of Denim & Supply.

As many of you are aware, RL‘s other affordable and younger-spirited line, Rugby, recently went out of business, but with grand intentions and a great projected foundation for Denim & Supply, people are going to be racing to the stores in no time. The previous Rugby store on 12th and University in New York City is currently undergoing renovation to become the flagship store for Denim & Supply, a perfect location in the heart of hipsters for a grungey-chic trendy line.

D&S Tie-Dye Western Shirt

Contrary to Rugby‘s collegiate aesthetic, Denim & Supply follows one of which that is truer to Ralph Lauren‘s classic American look with a bohemian-hippy, distressed influence. The line features everything from beautiful maxi-dresses, flowy blouses, exquisite animal printed mens polos, and unique eye-catching summer shorts. Ralph Lauren has never failed us in his 50+ years of executing each and every design produced, and Denim & Supply is no exception. This new addition to the well-known brand will bring a lot more younger customers into the stores and on their website – something they have aimed to do with both Rugby and now Denim & Supply.

D&S Embellished Short

The aesthetic of the label follows one that may be influenced by other rising and highly popular brands today such as Free People, Anthropology, Michael Kors, and All Saints, but the masterpieces are undoubtedly special to Denim & Supply, itself. The brand is still developing as the stores slowly coming, but the growing collection is always online on the website, so if you ever think Ralph Lauren is a bit above your budget, think again — Denim & Supply is not only affordable but it’s some of the trendiest and most classic looks you can find while still wearing a name brand.

Photos: Ralph Lauren