Mishka Summer 2013 Lookbook

by on May 29, 2013

The award for most blunt and explicit introduction goes to Mishka with this excerpt taken from their site,” Summer lookbooks feature motherfuckers hanging out by the beach, frolicking in the sand. Playing volleyball. Broads flirtatiously hitting each other with the hose, on a “suggested, but not explicitly stated” lesbianism wave.” Although these words could have been said in a more polite way (I mean who cares anyways) Mishka drops off their Summer Lookbook after releasing its visual accompaniment only a few days ago.


As usual, we see a wide range of pieces–from button-downs to t-shirts to hats–that incorporate a bevy of vibrant colors and signature designs. My favorite being the Hawaiian Button-downs which are a continuation from last year’s Summer lookbook. Enjoy all the pieces now at their online store. The bucket hats are also worth viewing, trust me.

Photos: Hypebeast