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STONE New York – A Unique Menswear Experience

by on May 29, 2013

Directed and produced by brilliant individuals, Dana Mason and Bradley Dakota Scott, STONE is a unique menswear experience in which each of the customers can almost guarantee that they won’t run into someone wearing the same thing as them, or as Charlie Sheen would say, “TWINNING!”


I completely fell in love with the high end brand when I saw their beautifully crafted shirts that have a single strip of exotic animal skin or fur (my take on this usage on any garment is an entire conversation of its own). While the shirts are visibly one-of-a-kind, the two designers reinforced this originality and their own sense of individualism by only producing 33 makes of each model. Explicit use of animal skins has notoriously been a womenswear fad in the past, but as our world is rapidly progressing, it’s no surprise that menswear designers such as Mason and Scott have incorporated the same trend into luxury menswear. This in mind, the controversial topic of the use of animals (menswear and haute couture alike) is one that is very prevalent today, and with the work in mind that  STONE has produced, it definitely brings up the question of whether it is socially more acceptable for designers to use these materials if their work is regarded as art rather than (and above) “simply” clothing. While I indefinitely view these shirts as art, as many fashion critics would, the appropriation of animal use may be attributed to influential designers such as Dana Mason and, themselves. These garments are only beginning to blossom now, but wait a few months and they’ll be the new hot commodity for all established hypebeasts.

Photos: STONE New York

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    Great to know about these guys! Thank you!