KESH Brings International Appeal to the States with American Apparel

by on May 30, 2013

I’ve had an obsession with the London based artist/clothing designer Kesh since the days of the Myspace boom–circa 2007. Luckily, her vision has been made into a reality as her work says, “Goodbye London…Hello World” with her debut collection with the international brand American Apparel.

Kesshia “Kesh” Kumari, started her fashion career alongside some current popular artists such as fashion designer Jeremy Scott and stylist/creator of WAH nails, Sharmadean Reid. Kesh got her feet in the door by creating and selling limited edition t-shirts and fashion editing for SuperSuper Magazine. Kesh’s appeal began to reach the masses once rappers Kanye West, Dizzee Rascal, and Lupe Fiasco were spotted in her designs.

kesh112Those accomplishments led to her collaborating with Topman for their MAN collection during London Fashion Week. Similar to her clothing, exposure to her artwork became increasingly popular and has been featured in i-D Magazine and the W Hotels.

Fast forward to present day, Kesh sits down in her LA pad–what she likes to call her cave, with her hair pinned in buns, the company of her cat, and  the finishing pieces from her recent projects with American Apparel and  Hotel Shangri-La. Frequent instagram and vine teasers preview both collaborations. kesh3

The best way to describe Kesh’s work is bold and one-of-a-kind. Although most pieces are monochromatic nothing reads simplicity. The use of sharp lines and geometric figures can be compared to Picasso’s cubism techniques.

Theophilus London may have been the first to be seen in the KeshxAA collab during his Coachella performance, but your time will soon come as it’s slated for a June release.  Offering pieces for both genders, the line will be highly touted. As far as location goes, the collection should be available in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul.

Hopefully her US debut as well as the international exposure will allow an assembly of more diverse people–than her own heritage–to become enamored by her very one-of-a-kind work. If you’re already in love with this modern-day retro Picasso then follow Kesh on vine and instagram @KESH and keshcontines.com.


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Photos via [Instagram & Tumblr]