Nusu by Yussuf Kassim Manzi

by on May 30, 2013

Inspired by his background, the Nusu Piece by Yussuf is more than just a garment but a symbol of his heritage and culture–that he carries everyday. When coming from a genuine place, products formed through such a beautiful process usually prove to be some of the most innovative and unique creations. The same is seen with the Nusu piece which is not only edgy but it takes a valiant stab at one of fashion’s biggest trends; leather.


TUMBLR1The navy blue sweater comprises of a relaxed-fit cotton but more importantly, this is where things get tricky. The sweater is divided into different squadrons that have distinct elements such as leather half sleeves, contrasting plaid print in the bottom half, removable gold-tone zippers, a tonal ribbed crew-neck knit collar and more. The delivery of this product shows an immense ability of genius and artistry. This first piece has set the tone for Yussuf’s brand and from here on, we can only expect nothing but the best from the young man. The piece is available at the online store now.