Raf Simons – From Artistic Director to Self-Named Menswear Label

by on May 30, 2013

While busy prints are becoming hotter each day this season, the look is no change in pace for Raf Simons‘ aesthetic. In this day in age, those who don’t know of and highly respect Christian Dior are considered peasants, but very few are aware of the people who work behind and with the Fashion God himself. Raf Simons was recently named the artistic director of Christian Dior – probably a very commonly shared dream career for many (including myself), and while it’s an easy association for many to connect the dots from Simons to Dior, Raf unquestionably paved his own path with this self-named luxury label in 1995, far before his work with Dior.

Raf Simons Twill Blazer

Raf Simons High Top SneakersIn his new season, Simons decorates each of the pieces in a retro-abstract floral pattern, evoking a preppy yet modern look. I hold a strong appreciation for the line and his method of creating garments that can be worn casually or more dressed-up

Raf Simons Loopback Sweatshirt

depending on how they are manipulated by each person. The “Flower Print Trimmed Cotton Shorts” as well as the “Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Blazer” are more camouflaged pieces, as they are classic items exteriorly, but are lined with the beautiful and specific floral pattern. The high top sneakers that are a part of this collection definitely aren’t for everyone, but if worn properly, they can be a statement piece for a simple outfit. Each of the items in the New Season follow a basic-cut formula adorned in fabulous colors and consistent patterns, something very unique to the French designer himself. Next time you’re browsing Mr. Porter or any other high-end department store online, don’t hesitate to brighten up your purchase with one of Raf Simons‘ summery menswear pieces.

Photos: Mr. Porter