Sangue’s Collection of Summer All-Over Print T-Shirts

by on June 1, 2013

Not too long ago, I was determined to find a particular all-over print t-shirt that I had stumbled upon while shopping in SoHo. It was just my luck as I was unable to purchase it as my size was sold out. However today is a new day, and a new opportunity as I have not only found the t-shirt but I have also discovered the fashion brand behind it.


Sangue‘s entire congregation of all-over print t-shirts is a sight to see. Zoning into nature and elements-inspired prints, Sangue has been able to create a timeless heap of t-shirts that seem to be untouchable. With such quality and a tasteful aesthetic, Sangue stands amongst the nobles ones in this fashion line. Their collection is now available at Hypebeast’s online store. Enjoy.