Event Recap: Chief Keef & Glory Boys Take Over NYC

by on June 2, 2013

Though Chief Keef–or ” Almighty So” as he prefers–has had his frequent run-ins with the law as of late, he made sure nothing would hinder him from performing for New York‘s near sellout crowd at the Best Buy Theater. Finally Rich was released in December of last year but the album is still fresh in the minds of his faithful fans and #GloBoyz‘ die-hards; I for one can vouch for that. Seeing mild success from his album sales, it was clear that work was needed to be done. This resulted in Sosa and his camp making a more concentrated effort to push things to new heights. Recently it was made public that Chief Keef would be joining the ranks of Gucci Mane‘s very own, 1017 Brick Squad. This move made some ponder whether or not, Gucci had this planned ages ago or was he just filling in the roster spot that his past lieutenant, Waka Flocka, left after he decided to part ways with Guwop. Either way, Sosa has now aligned himself with his rap-godfather; a move that can smell a lot of success for both camps. With this being Sosa‘s most recent big concert, it was time to show his fans again why the likes of Kanye West has worked with the “3Hunna” rapper.

Ever since his release from juvenile detention, Mr. Cozart has been prepping the release of his highly anticipated Bang Pt. 2. Releasing songs such as ” Now It’s Ova” , ” Macaroni Time” and ” First Day Out” which paid homage to his new boss, Gucci. In addition to pushing his very own music, he has been able to introduce the World to one of his closest friends, Ballout who many may know for his beef with Soulja in which he allegedly stole Soulja‘s chain. Nonetheless, these efforts show Sosa‘s desires to make Glory Boyz an empire and just not a gang or clique. But now it’s time for the main course …

BLuoUTMCMAAcTrZ.jpg-largeAfter DJ Sinatra grabbed our attention by spinning through some of the hottest songs in the music world at the moment, we were presented with one of New York‘s very own. Vinny Cha$e, himself, hit the stage to deliver his most swagged-out songs and rattle off some very extravagant lyrics. Coming out with a few balloons that were immediately tossed into the crowd, it was clear from early on that Vinny planned to make his set rather interactive. Performing some of his biggest songs such as “Urban Outfitters” and “Bigge and Jordan‘s”, Vinny seemed to have a good handle on the Chief Keef-hungry crowd. Although his lyrics may paint the picture of a very baller-holic young man, Vinny showed a very humble side when he gave away a pair of Jordan V‘s to a very lucky spectator in the crowd. One special moment was when he performed his new record,”Kings Landing“, which will be released to the streets soon. *FYI the song is bananas.* By the end of his set, you could tell Vinny had as much fun as the crowd. He even offered up this tweet “Da turn up was Stupendous 2night #CHXXR$ #EPIC #ModernRap #300″

It wasn’t long after Vinny‘s exit from the stage that we were greeted by DJ Victorious, Chief Keef’s DJ, whose appearance ignited a few roars of “Squad!” and “300!” from the fans who were more than ready for Chief Keef. After a quick warmup, we were privileged with a rare sighting of Fredo being out of the cut. The GLOrified gang member then went to reel off hits such as “Rob My Plug” and “Trap Life” which had most feeling as if they were attending a Chiraq 101 class. And although Fredo held his own against the New York, it was clear they wanted Sosa.


The soundbite featured in the intro of “Love Sosa” played as Keef quietly walked out to center stage before being greeted by enormous shouts and chants. From there, we were launched into the Kobe Bryant-inspired hit, “Kobe“, which immediately got the crowd going. With the crowd at his mercy, Victorious dropped “Don’t Like” which then sent the semi-behaved crowd into an out-of-control mosh-pit. Transitioning into “3Hunna“, Best Buy Theater quickly turned into Chicago‘s Adriana‘s–if you don’t know then do your research. Although the energy was established, there was something distasteful about the performance from early on. Keef was barely rapping the lyrics and when he did he shouted the ferocious lyrics or drowned the record in his infectious ad-libs. For those who attended his nightmare of a show last year at SOB‘s, it started to feel as if this would be no different. However all hope wasn’t lost as Keef showed the crowd that he had mastered his on-stage antics which he used to frequently act out his lyrics. But as the concert went on, it felt as if someone was gradually letting the air out of the balloon. Surprisingly enough, “Love Sosa” didn’t do for the crowd what I thought it would and by this time many fans seemed uninterested. One silver lining was Ballout whose “Been Ballin‘” stole some of Sosa‘s thunder and was received well by the crowd who seemed to know the lyrics to his relatively new song.

df59bffacb3e11e281ef22000aaa048f_7Sosa then went on to perform never heard before “Get Guap” which was laced with the usual overdose of ad-libs; well the 20 seconds that we heard of it. With just about all his major hits already recited, everyone’s “roll up or pour up” song, “Hate Being Sober” was then played to inject much needed life into the under-the-influence crowd. From there, a very predictable Chief Keef finished up his performance with “Now It’s Over” which seemed to be fitting for a few reasons.

For me, the concert was a significant improvement from his last major NYC stint but this was partially because Best Buy Theater was a much larger venue than SOB‘s. Throughout the concert Chief Keef showed some growth and maturity but at the end of it all, I left the concert evidently knowing that I just witnessed a teenager. Now I’m not saying there’s something wrong with his age but it’s a substantial reason for why he hasn’t been able to find his concert mojo yet. Maybe the money has gotten to his head and he just didn’t care at the moment. Whatever it is, as a avid fan and strong believer in Keef, I hope that his maturity process speeds up sooner rather than later. No matter how many millions of views he accumulates on Worldstar, Keef‘s tendency of having lackluster concert performances will not go unnoticed. My words of advice are for him not lose his fans while he has them.

-Kadeem Fletcher