Staple 2013 “Spring Training” Collection

by on June 5, 2013

Summer is that one season that you have to be most prepared for. Why? For numerous reasons such as parties, vacations, the sweltering heat and much more. Most people use the Spring as their time to get their bodies right for the Summer or even get their pockets right for the spending that’s done in the Summer. With this in mind, Staple has built a collection, “Spring Training“, that readies you for everything the Summer throws at you.



staple-2013-spring-summer-collection-2Seen in the collection is a very vivid all-over print that was beautifully crafted, headwear that’s forged with the signature logo of the pigeon, a rather hearty selection of graphic t-shirts, and even a small selection of magnificently acclimated button-downs. The entire collection can be found here now.


Photos: Hypebeast