LeBron James Covers NBA 2k14

by on June 6, 2013

With one ring under his belt, four Season MVP awards, and three gold medals with Team USA, only thing left needed for King James to dominate was the cover of NBA 2k. However this is one notable privilege that no longer eludes him. With the King and his troops, the Heat, currently taking on Tim Duncan and the Spurs, NBA 2k made it public that the King would sit on their throne this year.

Looking back on his year in 2012, many can argue that was his best year but it seems as if LeBron has found new ways to improve and build on his success. This puts all of the speculations to rest as LeBron is not only unstoppable on and off the court but if you thought it was hard to guard him in 2k13 now just imagine for NBA 2k14. Move over Jordan as we bask in the glory of ” The King