Manchester United New Home Kits

by on June 6, 2013

Manchester United represents a city with a vast history — from the signing of the Magna Carta to the Industrial Revolution and the highly influenced fashion; next year’s home kit includes a bit of everything correspondent to England’s charm…not even mentioning the men in these uniforms!The dominantly red jersey with the black tailored collar makes for not only a royal look, but one that is historical to the team. On the underside of the collar lies a mere plaid black and gray pattern that is specific to the production of cotton in London in the 1700s. The specific button-placement on both the front collar and spine top is only one of the few English fashion incorporations.

Man United Home Kit Collar

The improved ventilation on the sides of the jersey make for a more comfortable game for the players, and the check pattern on the bottom hem mimics that of the one on the flip side of the collar. The paired primarily white shorts with black decorated socks come together as a sophisticated soccer uniform for the ever-so-classic city of London. Once again, we’ve seen Nike succeed in producing a sleek home kit for one of the Premier League Champions, Manchester United.

Photos: Nike, Inc.